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How to Order: 

  • Select the Menu & Delivery Date from the drop down option.
  • Discover our Menu Options:

    • Pre-Scheduled Menu: Enjoy a variety of single meals or platters, typically available on Saturdays.

    • Flash Menu: Limited curated dishes released 2-3 days before delivery (usually on weekdays)

  • Discover our Meal Types: (bread included with most meals)

    • Single Meal: 1 Main, 1-2 Sides* 

    • Platter: 1 Main, 2-3 Sides, 1 Dessert*

  • Delivery Only serving Playa Del Carmen. (Check the menu and description below to verify your Delivery Windows)

  • All orders come with a $4.00 USD delivery fee (may increase by location). No refunds for missed delivery windows.

  • After order is placed, you will receive an email & text to confirm your delivery address.

  • All Pre-Scheduled Meals must be placed by the date on the Menu. 

  • All meals will be delivered on the menu date and time listed on menu and description.


*Side count varies depending on main dish. Single Meat mains typically have the higher number of sides versus Mains which include multiple items will have the lower number of sides accompanied. Please check the menus to verify your side count.

**Please disregard the pick-up notification on the confirmation page, please check your email to confirm delivery instructions.

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