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Hungry Shark Evolution: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming the Apex Predator

Introduction: What are hungry sharks and why are they important?

Sharks are fascinating and diverse animals that have been living in the oceans for millions of years. They play an important role in the marine ecosystem, as they help maintain the balance of prey and predators, recycle nutrients, and provide food and livelihoods for many people.

hungry shark

However, sharks are also facing many challenges, such as overfishing, habitat loss, pollution, and climate change. Many shark species are threatened with extinction, and some have declined by more than 70% in the past 50 years. Sharks need our attention and protection, as they are vital for the health and diversity of life on Earth.

One way to learn more about sharks and appreciate their beauty and diversity is to play Hungry Shark games. These are a series of arcade-style games that allow you to control different species of sharks and explore various ocean environments. You can also discover some interesting facts about sharks and their behavior, diet, and conservation.

In this article, I will give you an overview of the Hungry Shark game series and its features, as well as some tips and tricks for playing them. I will also share with you some facts about hungry sharks, such as what they eat, how they communicate, and what threats they face. By the end of this article, I hope you will have a better understanding and appreciation of these amazing animals.

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Section 1: Hungry Shark games

Subsection 1.1: Overview of the game series and its features

The Hungry Shark game series is developed and published by Ubisoft London (formerly Future Games of London) and Ubisoft. The first game was released in 2010, and since then there have been several sequels and spin-offs. The most popular games in the series are Hungry Shark Evolution (2012) and Hungry Shark World (2016), which have been downloaded more than 100 million times each.

The games allow you to control various species of sharks, from reef sharks to megalodons, and eat your way through many oceans feasting on everything from fish and birds to whales and humans. You can also unlock more than 40 unique sharks and other creatures, equip them with accessories like lasers and jetpacks, recruit baby sharks and other pets to help you, complete missions and challenges, collect bonus objects, activate special modes, and fight against bosses.

The games feature stunning 3D graphics, realistic sound effects, dynamic weather effects, day-night cycles, diverse biomes, hidden areas, secrets, easter eggs, references to pop culture, humor, and more. The games are easy to play but hard to master, as you have to avoid dangers like mines, submarines, hunters, bigger sharks, toxic barrels, volcanoes, etc., while managing your health and hunger levels.

The games are available for iOS, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Daydream, Facebook, etc. The games are free to download but contain in-app purchases that allow you to buy gems and coins that can be used to upgrade your shark or buy accessories. The games also contain advertising that can be disabled if you make any purchase.

Subsection 1.2: Tips and tricks for playing Hungry Shark games

If you want to enjoy the Hungry Shark games to the fullest, here are some tips and tricks that might help you:

  • Choose a shark that suits your play style. Each shark has different stats (speed, bite , boost, and size), abilities (special powers, passive effects, or bonuses), and personalities (some are more aggressive, some are more stealthy, some are more playful, etc.). You can also upgrade your shark's stats with coins or gems to make them faster, stronger, and hungrier.

  • Explore the map and find hidden treasures. Each game has a large and diverse map that contains many secrets and surprises. You can find sunken objects, letters, shells, chests, portals, statues, and more that can give you coins, gems, or unlock new sharks or accessories. You can also find special locations like the Crab Lair, the Arctic Portal, the Volcano, the Atlantis Temple, etc., that offer unique challenges and rewards.

  • Complete missions and challenges to earn coins and gems. Each shark has a set of missions that require you to perform certain tasks, such as eating a specific number of prey, surviving for a certain time, reaching a certain depth, etc. Completing missions will give you coins and increase your multiplier, which boosts your score. You can also complete daily challenges and events that offer more coins and gems.

  • Use accessories and pets to enhance your shark's performance. You can equip your shark with various items that can give you extra benefits, such as lasers that zap enemies, jetpacks that let you fly, headphones that play music, hats that increase your health or coins, etc. You can also recruit baby sharks and other pets that follow you around and help you eat more prey or collect more coins.

  • Activate special modes and fight bosses to get more fun and excitement. You can activate special modes like Gold Rush, Mega Gold Rush, Super Size Mode, etc., that make you invincible and increase your score for a limited time. You can also encounter and fight against powerful bosses like the Giant Crab, the King of Summer, the Colossal Squid, the Ancient Megalodon, etc., that offer epic battles and huge rewards.

Section 2: Hungry Shark facts

Subsection 2.1: Diet and feeding habits of sharks

Sharks are carnivorous animals that eat a variety of prey, depending on their species, size, habitat, and availability. Some sharks are generalists that eat whatever they can find or catch, while others are specialists that prefer certain types of prey or have adaptations for hunting them.

Some examples of shark diets are:

  • Whale sharks feed mainly on plankton and small fish by filter-feeding. They open their mouths wide and suck in large volumes of water, then expel it through their gills while trapping the food particles with their teeth or gill rakers.

  • Basking sharks also feed on plankton by filter-feeding. They swim slowly near the surface with their mouths open and use their gill rakers to strain the food from the water.

  • Great white sharks feed on seals, sea lions, dolphins, whales, fish, squid, turtles, etc., by ambush hunting. They use their acute senses of smell, sight, hearing, and electroreception to detect their prey from a distance. Then they swim fast from below and deliver a powerful bite with their serrated teeth.

Tiger sharks feed on fish, crustaceans, Subsection 2.2: Behavior and communication of sharks

Sharks are not mindless killing machines, but rather intelligent and social animals that have complex behaviors and communication methods. Sharks use different types of body language, sounds, and chemical signals to interact with each other and their environment. They can express emotions such as curiosity, aggression, submission, and playfulness.

Some examples of shark behavior and communication are:

  • Sharks can use their eyes to convey messages, such as rolling them back to protect them from injury during a bite, or staring at a potential threat to intimidate it. Some sharks can also change the color or pattern of their skin to blend in with their surroundings or to signal their mood.

  • Sharks can use their gills to fluff them out or contract them to show dominance or submission. They can also use their gills to produce sounds, such as hissing, clicking, or popping, to attract mates, warn off rivals, or scare away predators.

Sharks can use their fins to display different postures, such as arching their backs, dropping their pectoral fins, or raising their dorsal fins, to indicate aggression or readiness to attack. They can also use their fins to touch or nudge other sharks to show affection or curiosit


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