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Banished From The Hero's Party (Dub)

In preparation for the anime's eventual release, the show's creators have announced a good deal of the characters and cast we are bound to see once it begins airing. As of now, 12 different characters are confirmed to appear in "Banished from the Hero's Party" (via Anime News Network). The most important of this motley crew are protagonists Red and Rit. Red (voiced by Ryōta Suzuki) is an ex-adventurer who sets out to follow a new path in becoming the owner of an apothecary. He is followed by another reject from his former party, Rit (Kanon Takao) who becomes his business partner and companion.

Banished from the Hero's Party (Dub)

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Blessed with a naturally high skill level of alchemy from a young age, Red was an easy choice early on for the party of heroes combating the forces of the Demon Lord, Taraxon (via Myanimelist). As he and his friends progressed in their quest, however, Red could not keep up with his companions' growth. Eventually, his comrades all outgrew him in strength, and cast him out of their party for good. With nothing left to do, Red departs for the frontier of Zoland, where he opens an apothecary shop using the alchemist skills he gained during his travels.

Adapted from the light novel by Zappon, Banished From the Hero\u2019s Party follows Gideon \u201CRed\u201D Ragnason, the brother of The Hero, Ruti. After he is forcefully removed from the party by their mage, Ares, Red moves to a small town and opens an apothecary. Despite his desire to leave his old heroic life behind, it slowly begins to catch back up to him.

Born with The Hero\u2019s Blessing, Ruti grew up knowing she was destined for greatness, yet all she wanted was her brother\u2019s companionship. Red was the only one that viewed her as a person rather than an all-powerful god. She never got to be a child because of the expectations placed on her. With her brother banished from her party, she now realizes how lonely she is without his compassion.

Aed ua Néill's son brought a raiding party over the Uí Dorthain who were in Mag Itechta, and they slew in Lethderg in the pursuit. And the best part of the Airgialla caught up with him from behind and came in front of him, or (as is stated in the Book of Dub dá Leithe) the Uí Méith and the Mugdorna and the Saithne and the men of Fernmag and the Uí Dorthain with their kings overtook him. Ua Ceilecháin and ua Lorcáin with the Uí Bresail and the Uí Nialláin, moreover, were waiting for him in Aenach Macha and they all surrounded him; and Aed's son took his spoils past them all, though he had only twelve score warriors. And a good number on both sides fell in the middle of Aenach Macha or Ard Macha. Thus in the book of Dub dá Leithe.

A house was seized by Cathal Ua Raghallaigh upon Mael-Sechlainn Ua Ruairc in the centre of Slane, so that Muircertach Ua Ceallaigh, king of Bregha, was killed there, with a party of nobles around him. Mael-Sechlainn, however, escaped therefrom.

Ruaidhri Ua Cananna[i]n, king of Cenel-Conaill for a time and royal heir of Ireland, was killed by Flaithbertach Ua Maeldoraidh through treachery, at the Bridge of Slicech, after decoying him out from the centre of Druim-cliabh. And a brother of his was killed along with him and a party of his people. Ua Gairb (namely, Maghnus), chief of Fir-Droma, who laid [violent] hands on Ua Cananna[i]n, was killed by the people of Echmarcach Ua Dochartaigh in revenge of Ua Cananna[i]n. 041b061a72


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