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E Howard Hunt Wikipedia

By the way, didn't E. Howard Hunt recently confess to who was behind the JFK Assassination? It was an article that I think was published in Rolling Stone, and it was revealed recently. See ( _last_confessions_of_e_howard_hunt/print) --Robert W King 14:33, 15 May 2007 (CDT)

E Howard Hunt Wikipedia

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Hunters must be recruited and equipped by the player. Over time, a hunter will gain experience and become more powerful as they gain levels. After Bloodline rank 11, death in Hunt: Showdown is permanent, meaning that when a Hunter dies, they and their equipment are lost.

New hunters can be obtained from the Recruitment tab in the main menu, located between the Events and Store tabs. Under this tab will be four hunters with random names, appearances, and loadouts: one Tier I, two Tier II, and one Tier III. The Tier I hunter comes with only contraband gear and has no traits, but can be recruited for free. Tier II and Tier III hunters start with 2 or 3 traits respectively and cost Hunt Dollars. The selection can be reshuffled for free once after every match or by paying Blood Bonds for subsequent reshuffles.

Winning a Quickplay match makes the victorious hunter available for free in the Soul Survivors subtab. Instead of randomized gear, the hunter will have the same traits and inventory they had at the end of the Quickplay match. Like items picked up during Bounty Hunt matches, all gear from a Soul Survivor will be contraband.

Players who own legendary hunters can recruit them for 200 Hunt Dollars in the Legendary Hunters subtab. A legendary hunter always comes with 3 random traits and an empty inventory. Acquiring a legendary hunter for the first time also automatically recruits one hunter with that skin for free.

Hunters gain XP by receiving certain Accolades, killing enemies, and finding XP envelopes in Bounty Hunt or Quickplay. A Hunter's max level is 50, and each level grants one Upgrade Point that can be used to unlock Traits or restore lost Health Chunks for that hunter between matches. After a Hunter reaches level 50, the full sum of all subsequent experience that they earn is applied directly to your bloodline.Bloodline XP is otherwise gated behind certain hunter levels. Reaching those levels with a Hunter awards your Bloodline with 250-1000 XP, with the payout increasing at higher levels (see table below for exact values by level). When your hunter dies, half of the mission experience for that match is awarded to your Bloodline. Any weapon, tool, or consumable XP, which is tracked live during the match, remains unchanged regardless of whether your hunter lives or dies.


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