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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Subtitles Eng... ((FREE))

Last fall, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" became the first original series in FX history to make it to an eighth season. Its reward for that feat was to be moved to FXX, the cable network's newly-launched, comedy-centric spin-off digital cable channel where its already declining viewership will surely take a major hit."It's Always Sunny" has opened doors for its stars/writers/producers, especially designated wild card Charlie Day, who has landed roles in major movies like the hit 2011 comedy Horrible Bosses and this summer's Pacific Rim and Monsters University. Still, Day and his colleagues are signed on through at least (and probably, at most) a tenth season and it's hard to imagine a better fallback job than making a TV show with your friends with virtually complete creative control.Nothing ever really changes for the staff of Paddy's Pub, a scarcely-frequented South Philly establishment run by twin siblings Dennis (co-developer Glenn Howerton) and Dee Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson), their childhood friends Charlie Kelly (Day) and Mac (creator Rob McElhenney), and the Reynolds' biologically unrelated father figure Frank (Danny DeVito). Now in their late 30s, the gang remains underachievers by every regard, always scheming to get ahead but never really getting anywhere. For any one of these individuals to grow up or succeed would betray the series' design. Instead, their unending pettiness remains a reliable source of amusement.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia subtitles Eng...



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