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How to Enjoy Jah Khalib's Do It: Stream or Download Online

Jah Khalib - Do It: A Review of the Hit Song

If you are a fan of hip-hop and rap music, you have probably heard of Jah Khalib, the Kazakhstani artist who has been making waves in the Russian-speaking music scene. His song Do It, featuring Kravz, is one of his most popular and catchy tracks, with over 500,000 streams on SoundCloud and millions of views on YouTube. But what is this song about, and why is it so appealing to listeners? In this article, we will explore the background, meaning, and impact of Do It, as well as how you can download it legally and ethically.

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Who is Jah Khalib?

Jah Khalib is the stage name of Bakhtiyar Mammadov, a singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer from Almaty, Kazakhstan. He was born on September 29, 1993, and started making music at the age of 12. He chose his pseudonym as a tribute to his favorite writer, Khalil Gibran, and his love for reggae music.

Biography and career

Jah Khalib began his career by uploading his songs to social media platforms, such as VKontakte and YouTube. He gained popularity with his mixtapes Esli Chjo Ya Bakha (If Anything I'm Bakh) in 2014 and Dzhaduа (Jadua) in 2015. He signed with the Russian label Black Star in 2016 and released his debut album Zhit V Kaif (Live in Pleasure) in 2017. The album featured hits such as Leila, Medinа, and Ty Ryadom (You Are Near). He also collaborated with other artists, such as L'One, Mot, Artik & Asti, and Egor Kreed.

In 2018, he left Black Star and founded his own label, ZZZ Entertainment. He released his second album E.G.O. in 2019, which included songs such as Mama Ya Tvoi Syn (Mom I'm Your Son), Vse Chto Nam Nuzhno (All We Need), and Detka Ty Moy Kayf (Baby You Are My Pleasure). He also performed at various festivals and concerts, such as Zhara Fest, Europa Plus Live, and VK Fest. He won several awards, such as Muz-TV Award for Best Hip-Hop Project in 2018 and Golden Gramophone Award for Best Song in 2019.

Musical style and influences

Jah Khalib's musical style is a blend of hip-hop, rap, R&B, soul, reggae, and pop. He sings and raps in Russian, Kazakh, English, Arabic, and French. He writes his own lyrics, which often deal with themes such as love, relationships, happiness, freedom, spirituality, and social issues. He also produces his own beats, which are influenced by various genres and cultures.

Jah Khalib cites Bob Marley, Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, The Weeknd, and Frank Ocean as some of his musical inspirations. He also admires Russian artists such as Timati, Basta, Noize MC, and Oxxxymiron. He says that he listens to different kinds of music depending on his mood and situation.

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What is Do It about?

Do It is a song by Jah Khalib featuring Kravz, a Russian rapper from Moscow. The song was released on June 6, 2016, as part of Jah Khalib's mixtape Dzhaduа. The song is produced by Jony R. Lyrics and meaning

Do It is a catchy and upbeat song that celebrates the joy of living in the moment and having fun with friends. The chorus repeats the phrase "Do it, do it, do it" as a way of encouraging the listener to let go of their worries and enjoy themselves. The verses contain references to various activities, such as dancing, drinking, smoking, and flirting. The lyrics also express confidence, charisma, and charm, as the singers boast about their skills, style, and appeal.

The song is sung in Russian, with some English words and phrases mixed in. For example, the hook begins with "Hey yo, what's up?" and ends with "Let's go". Some of the lyrics are also influenced by slang and internet culture, such as "LOL", "OMG", and "hashtag". The song also contains some wordplay and rhymes, such as "Ya ne znayu kak ty, no ya delayu kak ya" ("I don't know about you, but I do it like I do") and "Ty krasivaya kak Rihanna, no ya ne Drake" ("You're beautiful like Rihanna, but I'm not Drake").

Collaboration with Kravz

Do It features a guest appearance by Kravz, a Russian rapper from Moscow. Kravz is the stage name of Evgeny Kravchenko, who was born on April 8, 1986. He started his career in 2006 as a member of the hip-hop group Marselle, along with fellow rappers L'One, Mot, and Nel. He later pursued a solo career and released several albums and singles, such as Vremya Vpered (Time Forward), Malyy Povzroslel (Little One Grew Up), and Balans (Balance).

Kravz and Jah Khalib have collaborated on several songs before Do It, such as Vdokh-Vydokh (Inhale-Exhale), Vremya Ne Lekarstvo (Time Is Not a Medicine), and Ty Ne Realna (You Are Not Real). They have also performed together at concerts and festivals, such as Zhara Fest in Baku, Azerbaijan. Kravz adds his distinctive flow and voice to Do It, delivering a verse that complements Jah Khalib's style and energy.

Reception and popularity

Do It was well received by fans and critics alike, who praised its catchy melody, fun lyrics, and positive vibe. The song became one of Jah Khalib's most popular and successful tracks, reaching the top 10 of the Russian music charts and earning him several nominations and awards, such as the Muz-TV Award for Best Hip-Hop Project in 2018 . The song also gained popularity in other countries, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.

The music video for Do It was released on June 6, 2016, the same day as the song. The video was directed by Pavel Khudyakov and features Jah Khalib and Kravz performing the song in various locations, such as a rooftop, a nightclub, a basketball court, and a car park. The video also shows scenes of people dancing, partying, and having fun. The video has over 100 million views on YouTube and was nominated for the Muz-TV Award for Best Video in 2018 . How to download Do It?

If you want to listen to Do It offline or add it to your personal playlist, you might be wondering how to download it. There are many ways to do so, but not all of them are legal and ethical. In this section, we will discuss the pros and cons of different methods, as well as the best platforms and formats to use.

Legal and ethical issues

Downloading music from the internet can be a tricky issue, as it involves the rights and interests of the artists, the labels, the platforms, and the listeners. While some artists and labels allow or even encourage their fans to download their music for free, others strictly prohibit or limit it. Downloading music without permission or payment can be considered as piracy, which is illegal and punishable by law in many countries. Piracy can also harm the artists and the music industry, as it reduces their income and incentives to create more music.

Therefore, before you download any music, you should always check the terms and conditions of the source and respect the wishes of the artists and the labels. You should also support the artists by buying their music, attending their concerts, or subscribing to their channels. This way, you can enjoy their music legally and ethically, and help them continue making more music for you.

Available platforms and formats

If you want to download Do It legally and ethically, you have several options to choose from. One of them is to use a streaming service that allows offline listening, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, or YouTube Music. These services require a subscription fee, but they offer a large catalog of music, high-quality sound, and various features and benefits. To download Do It from these services, you need to install their app on your device, sign up for an account, search for the song, and tap on the download button. You can then listen to the song offline anytime you want.

Another option is to buy Do It from a digital store that sells music downloads, such as iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, or Bandcamp. These stores charge a fixed price per song or album, but they let you own the music permanently and transfer it to any device you want. To buy Do It from these stores, you need to visit their website or app, create an account, find the song, and pay with your credit card or other methods. You can then download the song in your prefer


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