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The Enforcer

He was certainly an enforcer on the field, dishing out punishing blocks during his tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles from 2000-08. Over those nine years, he suited up for all 144 regular-season and 17 postseason games. Yes, Runyan didn't miss a single contest in Midnight Green. No matter who lined up at every other position, the Eagles could rely on the mammoth 6-foot-7, 330-pound Runyan holding down the right tackle spot.

The Enforcer

Parents need to know that The Enforcer is a neo-noir crime thriller. Antonio Banderas stars as Cuda (as in "barracuda"), a slick mob enforcer who knows his actions have cost him everything. When a path to redemption opens up, he follows it, no matter the personal cost. Part of his character evolution is the discovery of a sex trafficking ring, and victims are shown being violently abducted, kept in rooms with locked cell doors, and topless in sexualized attire. Images on a television in the background are meant to depict live sex cams, with women gyrating on camera. Much of the action takes place in a club that features scantily clad club dancers; one scene shows a steamy lap dance. While the suggestion of sex is everywhere, kissing is the only interaction that actually appears. Violence is extreme, with one storyline revolving around a street fighter who bare-knuckle fights opponents to bloody unconsciousness. There are also close-range shootings and stabbings, with plenty of blood and spray. Negative characters smoke pot, with the implication of heavier drug use. Most characters smoke cigarettes in a way that glamorizes the act. Expect drinking and strong language throughout, including near constant use of "f--k."

One of the greatest strengths of the NFPA standards-development process is the effort that is put into ensuring broad participation. While our committees are always balanced to protect against any single interest dominating the process, we also work hard to attract enforcers to serve on those committees. Enforcers share their technical expertise when they participate in the development of codes and standards. They also provide an invaluable perspective on the practical application of NFPA codes and standards in the field.

Apply nowCurrent Technical Committee members can submit the Enforcer Funding Program eligibility application form. Approval must be granted by NFPA's Project Administrator before travel expenses are incurred. See a list of Technical Committees seeking enforcers. If you are not a Technical Committee member, learn how to apply for membership.

The process that led to the extinction of the enforcer began much earlier, but the punch crystallized the idea that fighting was a problem for the NBA. Part of that was due to the frightful injuries Tomjanovich suffered.

When the Anaheim Ducks sent Tim Jackman to their American Hockey League affiliate on Nov. 2, it was a difficult assignment for the veteran forward, who had been a healthy scratch much of the season before being placed on waivers. But there were some familiar faces that welcomed the longtime enforcer, who led the Ducks in penalty minutes last season despite being limited to 55 games.

With the role of enforcer being mostly abandoned by the NHL, these players have found a place with the Gulls. And San Diego's fearsome foursome now makes up one of the most intimidating groups in pro hockey.

San Diego doesn't seem like the most likely destination for a tough-as-nails group that has been squeezed out of the NHL game. But here the four enforcers are, and their game certainly hasn't softened now that they've been relegated to the AHL in recent years. Through 22 games, Bickel led the American league with 94 penalty minutes. Through 25 games, McGrattan was eighth with 72 PIMs.

In San Diego's 3-1 win against the Ontario Reign on Nov. 28, the four longtime enforcers combined for two fights and 34 penalty minutes. Led by McGrattan's 25 minutes, the four-player total was more than Ontario's 27 minutes as a team. Three nights earlier, Bickel's 12 total penalty minutes outpaced the entire Texas Stars roster in a 5-3 loss.

That's a compelling statement coming from McGrattan, who was one of the most intimidating players in the NHL for a decade. His countless NHL battles are well documented, but the young Ducks prospects building their game in San Diego can also track them in McGrattan's numerous scars, tattoos and menacing scowls. The soft-spoken enforcer isn't likely to share his own war stories, but the intimidating presence he still provides speaks volumes.

But there's a certain sense of foreboding to Jackman's assignment. McGrattan, O'Brien and Bickel provided familiar faces, but the three longtime enforcers combined to play 26 NHL games last season. And there hasn't been any indication they will get the call from Anaheim anytime soon.

In popular culture, the criminal enforcer conjures up images of machismo, allure, brute force and professionalism. In the fictional world, enforcement activities like debt collecting or extortion seemingly take place within the night-time economy, in pubs, clubs and casinos.

Interestingly, Aaron did not seem to factor in the probability of being arrested in his calculations. This should not be mistaken for foolishness, as enforcers are rational and sophisticated in their planning and carrying out of illegal work.

Certain kinds of occupation often facilitate criminal behaviour like enforcing, such as a military background. Future research would help establish potential links between previous occupations and becoming involved in the enforcer business for organised crime, whether using lethal or non-lethal approaches. Clearly there is nuance there that is rarely explored in popular police and mafia dramas.

The old ideas about Texas government are in jeopardy. They may prove to be relics of a dead political tradition, one that was rural, Democratic, and loosely organized. Today, a new political tradition is being established, one that is suburban, Republican, and tightly controlled. At the heart of that new tradition are Rick Perry and his enforcer, Mike Toomey. With a huge mandate from the voters, unassailable Republican majorities in both the state House and the Senate, and a major budget crisis that justifies gubernatorial intervention, Perry is poised to become the most powerful governor of modern times. And Toomey is providing the brains and the muscle. 041b061a72


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